Pecuniary Loss

Pecuniary Loss Insurance

The Pecuniary Loss Liability Insurance are loss relating to money; financial; consisting of money or that which can be valued in money. Protection and include:

  • Money - The policy covers the insured for loss of money (as specified in the policy), while on transit to or from the bank or in the insured’s premises through robbery or hold up.
  • Fidelity - A fidelity guarantee policy indemnifies the employer against all direct pecuniary loss, which the employer may sustain by any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by any insured employe
  • Burglary - This policy covers the insured against loss or damage following forcible theft or housebreaking into or out of the premises or any attempt there at.
  • Consequential Loss - A fire consequential loss policy will indemnify the insured for loss of earnings in the form profits following fire to the business premises.
  • Bonds - is a service whereby issuers of a bond can pay a premium to a third party, who will provide interest and capital repayments as specified in the bond in the event of the failure of the issuer to do so.
  • Fire Alied and Perils – consist of the basic fire coverage, but can however be extended to include damage resulting from other perils such as malicious damage, explosion, bush fire, earthquake, riots, strikes and civil commotion, etc.